samedi 6 octobre 2012

3/10: Rothenthal - Bobenneukirchen

874.1km in 51:07 (50*22'55"N, 12*05'06E)
Well, today I had a long bike day but I could not reach my goal: the land of Bayern. But I made many kilometers which brings me closer to home... I realized that I want to go home. In the one hand it is freezing in the morning and in the evening and on the other hand I met my family a few days ago. It was a beautiful feeling and I wish to live it again very soon. So I think that I will be in Combes on Saturday the thirteens, in Olten the 12.10 and enter Switzerland the 9th or 10th close to Kreuzlingen... Or something like that!

I met a nice man this evening as I was looking for a place where to sleep. He left east Germany during the Cold War (he escaped in fact), worked hard in Bayern and came back to Bobenneukirchen to open a bed&bike. I am his very first customer and for this reason, he invited me as a friend instead of a client. It is hard to me to say if it is luck, chance or if there is a holly explanation. Anyway, my host cannot believe in chance and he is really deeply convinced that Jesus Christ sent me to him... I do not know what to answer to him, except that my blog is called: domaine des paradis!

But as I said once, just go and see what happens. For me it is the magic of spontaneity that you cannot get when you plane everything. I just knew that I drive in direction of home, but no idea on which street. I saw on a map today that Bobenneukirchen is close to a lake and I thought that it would be a good opportunity to take a bath (I can live max 2 days without a shower). I saw my host through a fence and asked him where I could sleep tonight... He hesitated a few seconds and finally said: come in! Are you from the Netherlands, France or Belgium?

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