lundi 17 septembre 2012

15/9: Heikendorf - Brooker Wald

3160.8km in 189:43, (53*59'56"N, 11*01'06"E)
It is season to cut the corn everywhere in the northern part of Europe (or in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein). They decided here not just to cut down the whole production to produce beer or feeding the cows, they also make an inter communal championship of straw balls: who's the best? I haven't seen them all, but most of the time it's quiet funny (like a space ship or a big flower with Maia the bee) or very classic (see the picture)!

my goal of the day was to reach Lübeck or close to this Hansa city. So needed to leave the see and go over the land... through the "holsteinische Schweiz": well there is nothing about mountains (very small hills) and I haven't seen so many bank offices. There is neither a Chocolate factory nor a watch valley... But it's a clea place. If you know the TV serie "Berlin Berlin" you know what i mean when I tell you that I crossed the place where lives the "Landei" (between Plön and Eutin).

When I left this natural park and reached the sea again (close to Sierksdorf), I met a Swedish guy on the road to Amsterdam. On the road we went close to a big park: the Hansa Park. First I thought it was a museum about the history of the Hansa alliance... But when I came closer to the place I saw that it was "juste" a Luna park. After that deception, we made some kilometers together until Travemünde along the "Brodtener Steilufer" (a sand cliff coast). In Travemünde we ate some fresh fish and drunk a beer. After that break, he took the road in the direction of Lübeck and I took the ferry to continue along the coast in direction of Rostock.

Well 4 month ago I crossed that old border some kilometers more in the south: One more time it was a "shock" to enter east Germany. And again (maybe you remember my story about the chainsaw: 4th of Mai) I had a bad feeling: when I went along the beach between Travermünde and Boltenhagen, a biker was behind me with light (I forgot to tell you that it is about 8 p.m.). A bite later he was still behind me without light... And now I am under the tent and cannot sleep, listening to each sound. Is it the wind? Is it the sea? Is it an animal? Or is it the biker who followed me?

I hope I will open my eyes tomorrow morning...

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