vendredi 28 septembre 2012

27/9: Berlin - Garzin

83.2km from Berlin in 4:33 (52*32'24"N, 13*58'33"E)
Well I'm back on the wheel after a short break in Berlin... and in Switzerland: I left my bike behind me and made a small trip of 2000km by train to eat a wonderful peace of meet. You know, the kind of meet that melts over the tongue when you eat it. But it was not really for this reason that I went there. First of all I wanted to make a small surprise to my whole family which had an important and symbolic meeting!

Whatever my blog is here to tell about my trip through Europe by bike and not by train. So I left Berlin behind me this afternoon: it's time to face the last part of my trip "Berlin - Combes"... by bike!

Well, it was very hard to wake and stand up this morning. Once on my feet, I took a shower to clear my mind and a huge breakfast to full my stomach! Unfortunately I woke up too late to say goodbye to Didi, so I stayed until noon, time to share a good dinner (gnocchi) at the Freie Universität of Berlin. We decided that there will be no tears: it has already rained the whole morning so the nature didn't need more water. I left my friends under an hesitating sky and in the afternoon, I noticed that the nature was happy to see me again: the clouds took an other way even if the wind went in the same direction than myself.

Berlin is really a huge city. In Neukölln (Berlin) I a made a small break and ate a chili Currywurst. I needed more than 3 hours and 50km to reach the boarder of the land Brandenburg. I am now on the national bike track n*3 in the direction of Poland. I wanna go along the river Oder up to Dresden.

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