samedi 11 août 2012

11 August: Bjørgavegen - Daleseid

3621.8km en 204.47 (60*37'18"N, 5*52'24"E)
  A little bit tired: I feel that the trip becomes quiet long. So I am happy to be on the way back... and it's maybe strange for you to read this, but I nec Hollyday :-) What is holly? I think for me it just means to see and meet people I know! Normally it's the opposit: we go in Holliday to disconnect with "reality". So I am glad to reach Copenhagen and then to drive to Berlin (on this road there are some places where I can probably meet people I met in Scandinavia and in the Balticum).
  I also saw that nobody wants to ride with me. Are you scared of my tempo or do you just have no time? Well it's not dramatic, I will just need some more time to acclimate when I'll be back in Switzerland.
  Ok, what did I see today?
A bear sleeping on a mountain of human trash. This is the way leading to him; please do not make too much noise, he could hear you... Sans titre I survived the bear and went on the top of the so called 'Snøveien' (the road of the snow) which lies between Aurland and Lærdal: this road is very touristic so I was happy to have done the bigger part yesterday evening when tourists are sleeping or drinking. It was also good to share the trip in 2 parts: the top of the way is about 1309m high (Lærdal is on 0). The summit offers a wonderful view: Sans titre On the way down to the valley, I had to make a stop there where a lot of cars were parked: I saw one of the best panorama ever: this is Norway how I expected to be... Everywhere :-) Sans titre Then I reached Flåm: it's the Zermatt of Norway! Small train going up in the mountain, very kitch and very touristic. I do not know why, but Japanes love trains :-) For me it was first of all the moment to recharged the battery of my camera and in a second time to have a look on the map to know how to reach Voss!
There is the most famous and popular biker road of Norway: the Rallarvegen. Ok, cool, I'll take it! I met hundreds of bikers going in the other direction... I was the only one going up the mountain (I quickly understood that people take the train up and then they bike down the mountain. What I didn't knew, was that the part of the road between Vatnahalsen and Myrdal was 1) rocky and 2) close to 20% steep. And about 2km! Befor I reached the top I understood very well why so many people were taking the train up and going down the hill by bike. I do not just want to say "I did it" (even if I really reached Myrdal on my own) because it was not planed: if I had known that the road was as bad as that, I would have taken the train (like all other)!
Well I finally took the train (Oslo - Myrdal - Bergen) to reach Voss: it was not possible to cross the mountain in a different way (exept taking the tunnel of the train: I'm crazy but not stupid). I joined Voss at 9pm (much too late for the post) and so I decided to move on in direction of Bergen along the E16. E16 is not allowed for bikers, but between 10 and 12pm there are so many cars on this road as bikers going up from Flåms to Myrdal!

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  1. Annette Binder13 août, 2012

    Hey, Numa ,, weißt du jetzt was ein Troll ist ,
    durch all diese Tunnel , das ist mal wieder Abenteuer pur, weiterhin viel Glück und bleib gesund ,
    vielleicht sehen wir uns in Deutschland
    liebe Grüße Annette

  2. hi,

    nice and interesting weblog, maybe you can remember me, I met you at the tourist office in Vardoe? (tall guy with recumbent bicycle)

    Good luck with your trip!

    Kind regards, Jeroen.

  3. Hallo Annette!
    Na ja, es gibt sehr viele verschiedene Trolls hier im Norden: manche sind grösser als ein Berg, andere kleiner als meine Faust. Sie haben 1 bis 3 Köpfe (oder mehr) und die meisten befürchten die Sonne.
    Was mir am meisten gefällt, ist dass sie meistens mit Sägen und Legenden verbunden werden: weg mit der wissenschaftliche Erklarung!

  4. Hi Jeroen!
    Yes, Of course I remember, even if it seems to be in an other life or long time ago!
    Maybe you noticed the same: when you travel for so long time you forget very fast what you did, what you saw and who you met.
    This is the reason why I make this blog: in 10 years I will still have a small mark of this amazing trip!