samedi 11 août 2012

8 August: Stadbuøyn - Randsverk

3297.9km in 183:46 (61*43'43"N, 9*9'23"E)
  I'm glad to have made the decision to stop early yesterday: I can understand why road 27 is one of the national landscape road (like road 17). This road used to be famous because of a painter who painted "the blue landscape" or something like that (I apologies to all artists and people working in history of art for this bad description: yes, I forgot the name of the picture, the name of the artiste, I have no idea where it is exposed, when it has been painted and how big the picture is... I'm just a geographer and saw the natural landscape which inspired the artist :-) Sans titre Now that you know that I'm very incompetent in pictures, maybe you understand why I prefer go drink a cup of coffee when it's raining than going in a museum... 
  And so, between rain and sun I made 2 main stops: the first was in a German guesthouse (you can camp, rent a hut or a room, etc) in Enden. It was nice to speak with them and I learnd that they were here for not so long. I wonder how people can decide to came up here to build a new life... and they wonder how someone just leaves home and family for 6 month to travel with the bike around Europe. It's just a question of point of view :-) The second stop was much less nice, it was a big tourist thing in Venabu.
  I drove very late to find a place where to sleep: it was 00:05 when I went in my sleeping bag. Sans titre

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