mercredi 1 août 2012

30 July: Skog - Igerøy (western of)

2156.5km in 120:35 (65*40'23"N, 12*3'25"E)
Well, I'm back in the south now and still on the "Kystriksveien", the road FV. 17 between Bodø and Steinkjer: it's about 650km on main land and I'll have to take 7 times the boat. Of course, there are also some bridges which makes the crossing of a fjord cheaper (the 7 ferries costs over 300NOK = about 1.5 days food in Norway).

This road is known as being the most beautiful of Norway (they even say of the world). Well, when the sun is shining it might be true... but actually I have a too short view in reason of the fog to have this impression (I keep in mind the road leading to Hamningberg and the R10 on the Lofoten). Of the 7 sisters, a chain of mountain, I saw only 5 of them: I expect that the 2 others were to shy to show themselves or there are only 5 sisters!?! About culture, I went to visit an other Viking museum: the one in Sandnessjøen. Like the one on the Lofoten, it's very expensive for an empty building... except, that they told me the story of the place (3 weddings for one lady and the viking family living here are parents of the first King of Sweden) and they served me some food (fish, render, bread). Sans titre (Viking museum) Sans titre (7 sisters)

An other cultural place I was is Alstahaug: there is one of the oldest church of Norway and the Peter Dass Museum. The church is Very nice and the building of the museum too: standing very close, it's a good mix of old stuff (the church is almost 1000 years old) and new architecture (Peter Dass museum opened in 2007). I haven't been visiting the museum (two museums in one days is out of my budget), juste the shop (it was raining one more time).

Finally, I decided to take the ferry to reach the Vega island (UNESCO). There are only 2 ferries per day moving there so i had to wait about 2 or 3 hours with two bikers from the netherlands: it was nice because they told me how wrong I was to follow the coast of Norway... I should go through the mainland up and down the mountains: the landscap is much better and there are no tourists.

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