dimanche 15 juillet 2012

12 July: Mehamn - Kjøllefjord - Slettnes

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Today I am still waiting for the post. I have taken the decision to leave the place tomorrow even if I do not get the packet. What can I do? I decided to go around the place, down to Dyfjord (the tourist information told me there is a chance to see small delfines). Of course, I saw no animals except birds (it's amazing how many different species of birds are living up here), but the landscap was nice... like usual. 
After that I thought I could go to Kjøllefjord to take the Hurtigruten back to Mehamn so I could enjoy a small trip and see the Kinnarodden (the real north of Europe). Well I arrived 2 seconds to late (the doors of the Hurti were already closed) but it was not so dramatic because I saw an other biker...
First I watched the bike: I have seen this frame very often but not in this color. This one was grey and I knew it in brown... Yes, I saw a "fernweh" from Tour de Suisse! So I was sure, that the biker was Swiss too (TdS is not really famous on the international level): Guido lives in Banken (not so fare from Rapperswil) and he is on the road for 5 weeks. His bike left the capital of Sweeden to reach the wrong north cap and he was on the way to go to reach Kirkenes in the next days to fly back home (hard work is calling). I convinced him to ride back with me to Slettnes, so he was able to see the "real" and the lighthouse of Slettnes too!
So I am back at the top of my trip and I this time I can enjoy the midnightsun... and the Hurtigruten coming from Kirkenes! Untitled

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