lundi 16 juillet 2012

15 July: Børselv - Hammernes

388.3km en 22h36. Untitled (Night under the midnight sun in Børselv... Amazing colors)
This was a real biker day: more than 9 hours on the bike just because of the wind: at 3 in the morning it began to be so much windy that I could no more close the eyes. It was a long fight in myself between the willpower to sleep and the one to go on the road. At the end, I decided to put my stuff on the bike and to leave the place: I wanted to fight against the wind with equivalent weapons. As I reached Lakselv, I went in a gaz station to put the last texts online and to get a warm coffee. I do not know why but my iPhone couldn't get the wifi: so I'm sorry for the pictures (they come with this update). After the news on the web, the question was to know if I would go to the North cap or not! I hadn't the answer befor Oldefjord, where the sky told me not to go (rain and fog). I went to visite Trollholmsund... Yes, it is about trolls, real trolls who lived here! They were carrying a lot of gold and silver with them as they crossed a small fjord. When they saw the sun rising, the decided to dig a big hole to get hidden. But the hole was not big enough, so they decided to go back where they were coming from... And it's at this time that the sunlight changed them into stones... The story is not so sexy than the one of Tolkien, but the stones are really impressive and I'm not sure that Mr Peter Jackson will make them better in his "Hobbit"

Untitled (Trolls)

I was thinking about the words of Nico. Even if I reached my goal (Gamvik), even if I felt a big happiness in myself, even if I am on the road home now, I slowly realize that it was not the best moment on my trip. Of course, to see Gamvik, this little village in the North of Europe and arriving at the lighthouse of Slettnes is juste crazy and huge! Of course I was dreaming reaching this point and it was the motor of my bike... But without the help of local people I could never have reached this part of the world. In Kemihaara I reached a point where I thought I could turn back home. But I get such a wonderfull support that I could continue as if there were no problems. And now, when the weather is really against me, I just need to remember Kemihaara and I feel better. There are 2 other Finnish persons I would like to thank very much: I met them in Grense Jakobselv the first time. I asked them if they could eventually take me with them on the way back to Kirkenes. It was not a problem, except that they have a car as small as a VW Polo which was already full and that they stayed a bit longer to have a lunch. So I left the place knowing that I would get some help in case my legs would juste stop. They reached me when I was under a hard rain so I could morally not accept to get in their car. A small friendship born between myself and them and we met 3 more times. They always offered me to drink some warm coffee what I always decline... except when we met on the road to Varangerbotn because I knew it would be the last time...

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  1. Je crois que le film de Peter Jackson sortira en décembre en Suisse :-) Tu seras revenu d'ici-là !