mercredi 4 juillet 2012

3 juillet: Kirkenes - Neiden

2419.7km en 121h55. Phrase du jour: "Fais des exercices de Pilates le soir avant de te coucher. Au besoin trouve-toi un DVD qui t'expliquera comment faire"
Ce que j'en pense: alors, là, je ne sais que dire, connais pas... Si vous avez opté pour éteindre la télé durant une semaine, informez-vous déjà sur le net :-) pour ma part, je ne me vois pas monter sur le Pilatus après 6 ou 7 heures de vélo! Je ne me vois pas on plus devoir condamner Jésus tous les soirs... Untitled Today, bad day! As i said I wanted to go down to the boarder of Finland, Russia and Norge, juste to go touch that triangle stone. But on the way, I went in a new storm of rain and wind. So I decided to stop 35km south of Kirkenes (or 65km north od Nyrud). At the same time, I lost the time: in this place, there are 3 timelines (Norge (GTM +1), Finland (GTM +2) and Russia (GTM +3)) and my phone changes all 5 minutes 1 hour, jumping from one country to an other. This was funny but at the same time, I did no more knew what time it was... so I took the time to decide to go back to Kirkenes and then to move in direction of Gamvik.
It was also a day to cry... Yes, I had this feeling on the way back to Kirkenes because I saw that I could not go further for several reasons: 1) my body said stop, 2) the Russian border was no more far away, 3) the weather built a wet wall against me... And 4) I understood in a kind of way, that I reached the top of my travel... Of course I haven't been in Gamvik yet, but I know now that I'm on the way home and Gamvik is on that way, because I'll take the long way home. Home, a word I haven't used for a long time. 4 letters and so hard to say: the words do not want to pass my lips... I just feel tears rolling down my face when I can say the word. The feelings are going in all direction. I'm standing in the rain, I cry and I'm happy again... I'm singing, just singing in the rain...
So, was my day so bad? Hard to define: as you know, the weather makes 90% of my moral... But, there is always a but! People can save my days and today I met wonderfull people: first I went in a hotel to drink a warm coffee... There I met a German guy traveling after his own history (he went to Kirkenes 52 years ago with a friend by hitchhiking) and he offered me the evening meal: warm meet with potatoes, vegetables (BROCOLIS) and a huge salad (yes, vitamins!!!). I didn't go far away after that meeting in reason of the weather (the rain and wind get stronger during I was eating). So I went to a place for caravans and other campers on wheels: I put my tent on the hard ground (the grass is to wet)... When the rain is my hardest enemy on the bike, i discovered that the wind was the main problem under the tent, so that I went to the next camper to ask if I could put my tent close to them: no problem. And now (or tonight: 22h30) I'm sitting under my tent, outside there is a rain storm, and the lady of the camper came to knock at my tent with a plat of cold meet, some potato salad, some bread and a beer. I just can't believe it! I haven't eaten so much since I left home... And i see that i needed it. In these conditions, the weather makes only 10% of my moral. I'm singing, just singing in the rain... !THANK YOU! Chears. Untitled (Neiden or Näätämö in Finnish)

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  1. Mais non c'est pas finit ! t'as encore toute la gloire pour l'éternité !
    Par contre les noms finlandais vont me manquer... les noms estoniens étaient incroyable aussi...

    enfin bref !
    hadde du din ovo i dag?

  2. Totalement d'accord ! Tu n'as pas encore terminé ton voyage. You've got still a long way to go. I'm with you !

  3. Hei!
    Je faire un effort pour trouver des noms de ville sympa! Sinon, je ne pense pas être à la maison avant fin octobre... Pas de soucis!