vendredi 20 juillet 2012

18 July: Alta Canyon - (10km before Isnestoften)

592.2km in 39:58 (+4 hours on foot). Sometimes... Sometimes I think that Norway is too expensive when I see the quality of the services... The post is not able to find my post; the few times I go eat in a restaurant, the food is not cooked; I went in a bike shop and they couldn't tell me if I have to change the chain (they had no tool for it and no experience); at the tourist information in Alta they told me the path from the parking to Alta Canyon is about 45 min one way... it's 2 hours! So I made 3 or 4 hours on the bike, 4 hours on foot (on a swampy way) and I could enjoy the canyon for 2.5 minutes because of the mosquitos... But at the end it was nice, because if I had knew that the Canyon was so far away from the road, I wouldn't have been there... And these 2.5 minutes were wonderfull! Untitled When I came back to my bike, it began to rain. I try to see the good side: I was lucky to walk with the sun, no? And I could reach a fuel station, drink a warm coffee and eat an ice cream waiting the end of the rain... Which didn't came. So I left the café dry to enter the wet world. My new rain coat is not so bad, so I stood dry until I found a place along the E6 where I could plant my tent and have a shower or some water to get washed. It's not easy to find both at the same time: one the one side of the road you fall in the salted fjord, on the other side you are in the rocky mountain. But with some Ovo it's not a real problem to ride until 11pm. Finally, the shower was extra cold (reminds me a good Guiness) and the E6 quiet noisy (even at 3 am)...

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